Monday, March 25, 2013

I made it through my first week. March 20, 2013

I only have fifteen minutes left, so let me explain what has happened so far.

No that will take too much time. Let me sum up. (Princess Bride reference!)

We got in last week. There were eleven of us that met up at the Atlanta airport, and then a 12th guy 
flew in later that night. When we got to the airport, there were three of us that could speak decently 
enough to survive. Now most of us can.

We have been very busy in the mornings, but do not yet have a teacher for the afternoons. 
We are using a program called TALL to complement our spanish learning. However, we can't make 
any progress yet because our usernames still don't work.

The food at the CCM is really good. There was this one dessert that we all enjoyed very much. 
It was ice cream flavored with a fruit called maracuya, and it had condensed milk in the 
middle. There is also a fruit called a grenadilla, also known as brainfruit or snot fruit, that 
you eat by breaking off the hard outer shell, then sucking the insides out of the soft inner shell.

I have some jokes for you. There are some funny stories as well, but I don't have my journal with me 
right now, so I will save them for next week.
       What do owls say in English? Who, Who.
       What do owls say in Spanish? Quien, Quien.

I can't send pictures, because they have a no camera policy for missionaries. At the end of my
six weeks, they will give me a cd with a bunch of pictures they have taken.

My P day is Wednesday. Mi compaƱero is from Utah. All of the other guys are from Utah,
except 2 from Arizona and one from Missouri.
I have to get off the computer in just a couple of seconds, so let everybody know I love 
them, and that I am having a good time. And if anybody is offended because I don’t 
email them, it’s because I don’t have their email.

Elder Milliron

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